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Club Insurance


We have restarted our Cycling UK membership as a club which covers provides us with Organisers’ Liability cover for up to £10 million. The policy will cover our club officials, ride leaders, event organisers and other volunteers against any claims made against them as a result of their negligence.

From a legal point of view, any person that initiatives a group ride via any form of communication (Facebook post, Text, Whatsapp, Phone call etc.) is considered the ‘Organiser’ and is responsible for the activity and any incidents that occur. Our group liability insurance ensures that in normal circumstances, this individual is covered for third party liability.

However, in light of the government advice on coronavirus, and guidance on social distancing designed to reduce the risk of spreading infection, group cover provided under the club’s liability insurance could potentially be invalid if ‘the Organiser’ decides to go against the advice issued by Cycling UK and arranges large group rides that exceed the numbers permitted under each nation's guidance.


For individual cyclists, the third-party liability insurance included within membership will protect a member of the public against the risk of a cycling-related incident involving an insured member.

In addition, as Octagon is renewing our membership of Cycling UK, and you can join as an affiliated member at a reduced rate (£28 vs £48) which includes £10m third party insurance cover. (we will share the code when we have received it)

We all ride with the intention of keeping safe and avoiding incident, but occasionally, the unfortunate can occur. Although you may not be at fault - you could, for example, have unintentionally damaged a car, or caused injury to a fellow cyclist.


With third party liability insurance, you are covered for any claims made against you for damage or injury. Cycling UK members are automatically covered up to £10 million by this policy, including using cycles for business use. It covers sportives, charity rides, audax, time trials and other rides, as long as they are not competitive in nature. Electric pedal bikes are also included. It also covers claims made against you by other members with no excess to pay on the policy.