cycling uk insurance 

The attached doc details the Cycling UK insurance policy that covers Ride Leaders when they organise a ride. Attached is the official document including receipt.


Please note, this is not insurance for you as riders. We advise and encourage all riders to get British Cycling or Cycling UK insurance that gives you cover for personal indemnity legal aid etc etc. This is not insurance for your bike.


You can become a member of Cycling UK for £24 per year if you use the affiliate club code. This is explained in the attached doc. 

Part of our club philosophy is that we do not want things like this to be too prescriptive and stop people riding if they do not get cover and this protects you if you are riding with the group or not and is less than most of us spend on our bikes in a week.

As we charge no fees we do need to try and get the money Ass Savers will be on sale this week to raise the £75......