1.  Do I need an expensive bike ?


No. Obviously, it depends on your budget, but there are a wide range of bikes used across the club. Some of our members ride hybrids but the vast majority ride road bikes unless the weather conditions are particularly nasty. Several of our best riders manage on fairly old but solid road bikes...it's your legs that make the most difference. 

2.  How do I know if I want to join Octagon Cycling Club?


Since the recent UK cycling revolution, new members join us all the time....so just turn up, introduce yourself & have a go ! If you can manage 10 miles solo, you'll be fine. Most of our members are very experienced on long rides & we all started somewhere ! But, if you're concerned about riding in a group.....

3.  I've never ridden in a group....is it tricky ? 


No. Riding in a group, especially in windy conditions, is very economical & much easier than riding solo in terms of energy expenditure. Up to 30% effort can be saved by riding in a close knit group. See here for the British Cycling guide to group-riding. Also, we're very proud of our friendly atmosphere. You'll often find the social aspect distracts you from the effort on a long ride....which all helps !

4.  What should I bring with me?


Kit to fix your bike: mini pump, puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes and tools. You don't need every spanner, between us we have most tools/spare tubes on most rides. Snacks and water are essential to keep you going. Read the excellent British Cycling guide to nutrition on the bike here. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and perhaps have a set of lights for early morning / foggy / evening rides.